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A Spiritual Path of Love & Enlightenment through the Ancient Love Goddess

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“The women, the teachers of love, must realize their power and use it for enlightenment for all of the planet. Enlightened women will create a beautiful world of peace.”
– Magdala Ramirez, Sacred Sex, Ancient Teachings for Women
When I am speaking of ‘enlightenment,’ am not referring to a stagnate state of perfection to be achieved or a goal to be obtained, which is often a goal to many spiritual seekers,  but rather an awakening of the human heart.

This is a path into wholeness through an integration of the wisdom of the eternal love within with the conscious awareness of all aspects of our humanity.

Through a path of integration we can allow ourselves to be a whole human being who is centered in the heart, or spirit, of our inner most self. This path is not a religion or doctrine but a willingness to embrace our inner most emotions through the deep compassionate and integration with this higher self.

It is an allowance of ourselves to become conscious and responsible for our triggers and our shadow nature (our repressed emotions which you can read more about in my blog). When we are conscious individuals, we see others as mirrors to our selves and are compassionate as we understand that we all have the capacity to reside in love or crippled by fear at any time in our lives, depending upon where we place our attention.

Through the integration of this higher self, we can heal our childhood wounds that created our wounded (and therefore destructive) ego with the light of the wisdom of love and allow for true wholeness that love provides.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."


— Carl Gustav Jung

This path is about becoming spiritually mature. It is about no longer seeking or needing the approval and validation of others. On this path, one allows the voice of love to guide her life. From this sacred place within, is where we find all of the peace, love, compassion and acceptance that we will ever need. 


This is much more simple than we believe it to be. One must not be a master of meditation or spend hours meditating each day to connect to this voice within. Rather, it possible through silent prayer or just pausing for a moment, taking as little as three deep long breaths, feeling this sense of peace within and consciously asking to connect to the heart. 


When we can allow ourselves to let go, surrender, create a moment for quiet, and allow the space for the voice of love within to guide our lives, to hold compassionate space for our emotions, we can become integrated with our higher self and experience ever increasing clarity, peace and joy from within on a day to day basis.  

 “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” 




Taking care of ourselves and our needs, to the needs of our inner child, without pushing her away or telling her to be quiet, but with loving compassion and listening to her feelings with an open compassionate heart, can allow us to be restored to a state of peacefulness and love.


Setting healthy boundaries to allow for the space of peace and taking loving care of our bodies is a part of living in the space of the heart and experiencing true self love. Allowing ourselves to feel loving pleasure throughout our day, not in an over consumption way, but by simply paying attention to the sensation of our body as much as we can is a way to return to our heart.


Slowing down and putting our awareness onto our body and consciously taking in the pleasures of the smells, tastes, sounds, and feelings of our world expand throughout our body in awareness is a way to be in the gentle and quiet heart space in an ongoing basis throughout our life. I find it fascinating that the body and the heart are the realms of the divine feminine, as this very essence is what has been so long suppressed and shamed. It is through our disconnect in the sacredness of our hearts and bodies that we left our mind and egos to run and wreck havoc on our lives. 


Integrating this way of being, the way of the divine feminine, is a vital part of the wholeness that so many people are missing today in their lives and awareness. The feminine state is one of receiving. This is a state of being, rather than doing. Included in this feminine state is, observing, letting be, accepting, allowing, integrating, connecting, welcoming, listening, appreciating, noticing, and embracing. These are all states which connect us directly to our hearts. I call this a path of (rather than to) enlightenment, because it is a practice and a way of being throughout our lives. It is a journey and a daily choice, yet the more we practice, the more this integrated, whole, peaceful and loving state becomes integrated into our self and in our daily life and we experience increasing states of peace, love, joy and connection with all that is as our state of being. 


Despite popular understanding, this spiritual awakening, or enlightenment, doesn’t generally happen in a single “moment of awakening.” While one can have “peak experiences” that open us up to Self-transcendent awareness, these experiences are passing. Instead, the development of a more peaceful, centered, intuitive, and universal feeling of connection, inner peace, compassion and trust in life develops over time through the practice of connecting to your inner centre, the voice and state of love within, and integrating this with your emotions, rather than separating yourself from them.  It is a state of deep self compassion. While the ego acquires knowledge through learning, the voice of love understands reality by experiencing, accepting, and embracing what it is. The ego thinks. The Spirit of the heart knows. While the ego is always doing, analyzing, calculating, worrying, and planning, the Spirit remains eternally in a state of love, gratitude, trust, resting in peace, and unfolding. As the process of spiritual awakening unfolds, the ego begins to reroute and become whole through the connection to the quiet, still voice of love within. 

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Spiritual awakening and a path for Love and Enlightenment through the Ancient Love Goddess, is an awakening of the reality that we are connected to more than the confines of the individual self or the ego. It is the understanding that there is a love that is greater than oneself that created us that we are all a part of, and through the integration of that eternal love we can become whole, radiant, fulfilled and peaceful beings. 

The more we practice this way of being, the more we are able to let go of the critical voice and fearful voice and replace it with the voice of our higher selves.
Then one day, for most of the your day, you will be hearing, listening to, connecting to and embodying the voice of love which will guide you back into the great peace within no matter what is happening in your life or whatever you are faced with.

I have also discovered the magic of awakening our sensuality (the ability to receive and melt into the gratitude of pleasure through our senses) as an exceptionally powerful way to live within the heart space in our daily lives.
When we can slow down and really take in each sip of tea, feeling the warm cup upon our hand and delight in the feeling of the delicious taste, texture and sensation of the tea slowly moving down into our bodies, and allow this pleasure to expand from our hearts through our bodies at that moment, we are in the space of our heart.

When we can understand and embrace our bodies as naturally sensual beings who are here to support us and connect us to loving pleasure, we can align our bodies and hearts as one.
Being in our heart space though out our day is also about being gentle with ourselves and feeling into our heart and bodies about what would feel best and listening deeply to what it is that we trSometimes we can feel as though we fall off of this path when we loose our centre, and we enter into a subconscious belief system or something triggers a painful childhood experience. That is ok. This is a part of life and a part of the process.
Being on a path of enlightenment and love is not about being perfect, but it is about being compassionately conscious of our unhealed ego, allowing ourselves to shift into the heart and allow the light of love to guide you out of every dark place, to become conscious of what is unconscious and to allow yourself to integrate this wisdom into your life to create and become more wholeness and love. We can always gently choose to come back to this place of peace, inner-knowingness, and love within through self-compassion and gentleness.
This is a path of spiritual maturity and a path of acknowledging our humanness and shortcomings though self-compassion and love. It is about finding our own wisdom from within and trusting the flow of life.
It is about integrity and surrendering our small self to the power of love within to transform and heal whenever we feel that we are either better than or less than another or whenever we feel disconnected, fearful, shameful or alone.

Unlike the new age has many believe, it is ok to feel uncomfortable feelings and it is important to process them and release them in a healthy way. Our emotions are an integral part of ourselves and they are trying to tell us that we are experiencing either a met need (when we feel positive emotions) or an unmet need (when we feel a negative emotion). Trying to push our emotions away without paying attention to them only makes them stronger and have more power over you.
When we can let our emotions be felt in the container of compassionate acceptance for ourselves, we can allow ourselves to feel our emotions and learn what it is our emotions are trying to tell us, without reacting to or hurting others or getting ruled by our emotions. Our feelings are our guidance system and are meant to be felt. When we suppress them, we develop an unconscious shadow and we are not serving ourselves or others. (Read more about the Human Shadow and integrating your emotions in my blog).


We will never rid ourselves of our ego, and we don’t need to. The ego has an important role – to function and express our own individual sacred contribution to the whole. As mentioned before, it is not the ego, but the lack of integration with the higher self of love that makes the ego destructive. When fully integrated we are able to truly bridge our humanity with our divinity in wholeness. We can understand our human nature in a new life and regard it as sacred. By consciously integrating the needs, fears, worries, and belief of separateness that we experience with the connection of the well spring of divine love, we can be whole human beings, fully human and fully divine.
Even painful feelings can lead us to a more fulfilling life when we listen with compassion and love and receive the compassionate, unpretentious wisdom of the heart to learn what it is that we are needing to integrate into our lives to support us through our journey into wholeness. So that from this place of wholeness we can give, create, and be in the world from a place of love rather than a place of lack.

“The soul embodied in matter, manifested in the Goddess as container and transformer, will take us beyond dualism, beyond the defensive splits within our psyche if we open up to her energy within us.  She faces us with our greatest fear and by showing us the treasure hidden away within it, she takes us to a place where love is born.  Love is the true antithesis of fear.  It expands where fear constricts.  It embraces where fear repels.”   

-Marion Woodman, PhD



The heart says, “Its ok, I understand. I see you. I hear you. I love you. You are enough, come rest in my peace.”
After the emotions have been released, heard and held in this container of love, there is a natural clearing in the storm and there is space and peace to hear and receive the wisdom of love within to integrate into your life and heal the false beliefs of separateness. From this place there is total acceptance of what is. There is no need to be better than another and there is no lack. There just is and this act of acceptance is love itself.

This path is circular and on-going, forever becoming, rather than a linear goal to be achieved. There is no guru or leader for you to give your power over to, but rather you learn that everything you have been seeking, you have within. Returning to the quiet centre within to heal and lead you through your life allows the enlightenment of the dark to become light and the reminder that we are one in this great experience of life.
May you discover the infinite peace and love that you have within you at all times, in that quiet still, sacred place within. May you allow and integrate your whole self with love and compassion so that you can return to a state of wholeness and inner peace.

With all my Love,

Aine Sun
True self love is not being self-centred or indulged with oneself. The true heart space is not pretentious. It is inclusive and embracing. It is quiet yet profoundly and powerfully loving and it restores you to a place of wholeness where you can truly stand in a place of fullness, love, compassion and peace for others.
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