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Archetypes of
the Divine Enchantress

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Archetypes live within all of us and are powerful aids in transformation. They hold hidden gifts of our feminine power. Transformation happens as we unlock each gift the archetypes provide and allow these gifts into our lives.  

​Archetypes embody patterns of experience that are common to all women of all cultures and times. Each archetype carries a particular kind of feminine energy and can have countless expressions, capabilities, and gifts.

​In Awakening the Divine & Sacred Enchantress Within, we uncover specific archetypes through awareness, discussion, movement activities and dance. Uncovering the archetypes is an empowering, joyful, exhilarating experience.

In Awakening the Divine Enchantress Within, we explore seven archetypes: The Virgin Maiden, The Queen, The Mother, The Sensualist/Seductress, The Muse, The Wild Woman and the Priestess Sage.  

What is unique to the Divine Enchantress Within is that she has awoke both her spiritual (light) and earthly (dark) feminine archetypes. Often, when we embark on a journey of a spiritual healing, we integrate only the light, spiritual aspects of ourselves: love, harmony, openness, forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion. However, we are prone to forgetting that our very powerful earthly and animalistic nature is also vital to our human experience, and for transcending consciousness to become fully human.   This is extremely empowering to both yourself and for the spectrum of intimacy within your relationship. Therefore, the primal innate instincts of our bodies (desire, pleasure, emotions, instinct and intuition) are understood as equally important and offers unique gifts of vital life force energy and wisdom, especially when integrated with 'light feminine' aspects.
Without one or the other we cannot be fully complete.  The light, spiritual feminine shapes our connection to our heart whereas our dark, earthy feminine shapes our connection to our fiery, passionate power within.  It is here, in the latter, that you will discover your great power, passion and blissful zest for living.
The light needs the earth to ground it and give it life, and the dark is not sacred without the spiritual light of the feminine. Together, integrated as one, we can recreate our path back to a powerful feeling of wholeness and harmony within.

Once you have integrated these aspects, you begin to feel whole and empowered within and at the same time you become irresistible to your beloved.  On a deep level, there is no doubt that men need and crave both the spiritual and earthy aspects of the feminine, just as you need them to enrich yourself in wholeness and empowerment.  Most women allow themselves to experience and live out only aspect, often at the expense of the other. Having connection to both is natraul to humans and allows us to freely express and allow our authentic nature.
When you integrate both aspects, however, you truly become the ultimate Enchantress: your life becomes richer, more passionate, and peaceful and inevitably your relationship is rejuvenated and reinvigorated, bringing with it joy, bliss, and serenity.
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