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The Way of the Swan Priestess

Swan Priestess Training Program

A Devotional Path in Sharing
the Healing gifts of
the Ancient Love Goddess

Enter into the Way of the Swan Priestess &
Help Heal your Community
with the Blessings of this Way of Being

Swans forming love heart_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Embody the Way of the
Swan Priestess

& Deeply Transform the Lives of Others

After experiencing the extraordinarily Healing from
the Journey of the 7 Sacred Gateways,
Heart Centered Coaching &
Sacred Feminine Movement,
Many women desire to become Practitioners of this Healing Method to be able to Share this Wisdom & Transformative Healing with Others.

This Program Teaches you How to
Facilitate this Powerful Healing or
Integrate this Wisdom into Your Current Healing Practice


As Sacred Feminine Coach/Mentor
Learn these Powerfully Healing
Techniques to deeply Transform your Client's Lives:

The Heart Centered Coaching Method,


Sacred Feminine Movement Training,


Teach Sensual Embodiment,


Cultivate Deep Feminine Radiance,


Learn Supportive Art Therapy Modalities,


Aid in Transforming Deep Pain & Grief into

Healing & Wisdom,

Learn Trauma Sensitive Methods to create a

Safe Space for your Clients,


Support the Releasing of Body Shame & Negative Beliefs which are holding your clients back from experiencing the freedom & peace of true wholeness within,

Learn how to trust and tune into the exceptional wisdom of your client's rhythm, wisdom, & flow, allowing greater connection to their most potent healing, co-creating powerful change,


Learn how to successfully mentor Transformation from the gentle yet powerful grace of the Sacred Feminine,

Learn how this method can enhance and deeply support one's experience as a Mother & help to create Peaceful, Centered, Creative & Heart Centred Children


As Priestess,
Share the Ancient Ways of the Love Goddess with other Women to Bless their lives With Enchantment.
Learn How to:

Give Oracle Readings to Support your Client's process,

Enhance your Intuition & Instincts to help you Navigate through challenging times in life with Grace & Compassion,


Perform Blessings & Clearing Rituals,

Create a Sacred Space to allow for profoundly healing sessions,


Create Healing Anointing Oils,

Learn & Create Nourishing & Purifying Water Rituals


Create Rejuvenating & Personalized Moon Rituals for Inner Healing,


Embody the Powerfully healing Sensual Presence of the Mermaids & Nymphs


Lovingly Share Healing Touch,


Receive Wisdom from Nature,

Cultivate magic & find the Sacred in our Every day living,

Share the power of healing through Movement & Sound, connecting the heart & body as one

Create a loving, pleasurable, & supportive space to assist in the Opening of the Sacred Heart & Inner Wisdom


Give Deep Support for Loss & Grief,


Create a Loving, Safe & Non-Judgemental, Space for the Natural unfolding of your Client's innate healing process,

Connect on a deep Soul & Heart Level with your Clients to create lifelong transformations,


Intuitively Guide your Clients in uncovering their inner Wisdom,


Facilitate Healing Woman Circles Centered in compassion &


Hold Coming of Age &

Safe, Empowering Circles for Girls & Mothers

Allow Aine Sun to Lovingly guide you through this Journey

Deepen your Connection & Devotion to the Ancient Love Goddess &

Re Awaken your Inherent Spiritual Gifts

The Swan Priestess

Goddess on Swan_edited.jpg

In our ancient past, Swan Priestesses were also revered as 'Ladies of the Lake' and Water Priestesses.  There were inherently sensual and knew that their bodies were one with the Divine.  They married the Masculine and Feminine as one and held space for the illusion of separation to be healed into wholeness within.  Swans are of both the air and water elements.  They can be both black and white and represent the importance of the connection of  the gifts of both the heavens and underworld to transform and resurrect us into the natural wholeness, peace, passion and compassion that is inherent within all of us.

Swans also represented Otherworldly journeys and hold gifts of this wisdom.  They are seen as the bridge between our humanity and divinity as one. In Celtic traditions, the Swan is connected with music, love, purity and the soul.  These elements were embodied by Swan and Siren Priestesses.  Swans are connected to feminine intuition, hunches and gut instincts. Swans help us cultivate our inner grace and inner beauty allowing it shine forth for those around you to see.

Love Goddesses, such as Goddess Aphrodite in ancient Greece and Goddess Aine, in ancient Ireland are deeply associated with Swans. The Fairy Love Goddess, Aine could shape shift into a Swan and Swans have been associated with the magical realm of fairies.  Aphrodite is often depicted riding a Swan. The bird's beauty and grace symbolize Aphrodite's allure making it sacred to the goddess of love and beauty.  In Greek mythology, the Swan was a symbol of beauty, love, and grace. 


Other well known Swan Priestesses were the Priestesses of Isis.  These Priestesses had sacred temples in Egypt. Isis and her Swan Priestesses had magical “angelic” swan wings that represented the resurrection through a decent into darkness. Being able to use wings to soar above and see the bigger picture, represented the ability to transform and resurrect through making the darkness light, transcending human consciousness into love through the body and heart. 

In Celtic, Grail tradition it was revered that a Grail quest is undertaken in order to 'free the waters' and allow the sensual waters of the feminine divine to flow and bless the land. In these traditions, Ladies of the lake and mermaids represented the Sacred Primordial Feminine essence.


Ladies of the Lake are also seen throughout all traditions.  The oldest goddess of India, Saraswati (also known as the Mother of God) is named 'she who flows.'  She is considered the Queen of the Mermaids and is also a Lady of the Lake & Swan Priestess. In Indian lore the Sacred Swan is named Hamsa, which is regarded as the highest form of 'feminine enlightenment' and the primordial merging with love, as light and dark together as one.

A Gentle & Supportive Program

This program is a Gentle & Organic unfolding of this inherent Nature within you


The 4-Month-Program is a Nourishing gift to your Body, Heart & Soul.

Rather than being 'something more to do,' in your already busy life, this program allows you to tenderly, yet powerfully support your life within a Nurturing Framework, allowing a connection to your deep inner strength to support your unfolding into this extraordinary way of being

Ease, Fullness, Joy & Grace. 

Included in this Course

Leda and the Swab_edited.jpg

One-on-One Guidance with Aine Sun

Aine lovingly guides you each step of the way, with bi-weekly Heart-Centred Coaching during the entire 6 months to fully support you in this process & assist your unfolding in your uniquely sacred path of the Swan Priestess & Sacred Feminine Coach/Mentor.


This written material provides the framework for the entire course which you will receive in both hard and soft copy so that you may keep it for a lifetime as a reference and guide.

Audio meditations & Audio book provided to assist you in learning this material in the most comfortable way possible & fit different learning needs.

 Written & Audio Course Material


Personal Portfolio to Document your Journey

Your individual journey & path into this sacred way of being is honored and captivated within your personal portfolio which you can use to reference for support throughout your devotional path whenever you desire.

Your unique gifts & process is honoured and celebrated within your portfolio.

This 4- Month Training Course Consists of
One-on-One Training
to Support you through this Beloved Journey

With Aine Sun

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Contact Aine Sun

To Apply to this Program & Bring Loving Wholeness to the Lives of Others by

Embodying the

Way of the Swan Priestess

Thanks for submitting!

I look forward to Getting Back to You Beloved Sister

With Love,

Aine Sun

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