The feminine lives in the body and in the heart.


This is where we access our divinity and empowerment.  It is here where we awaken our inner, passionate fire for life. Sensual Dance is an ancient and natural art to realize our essence and embrace the gifts that it provides us women.


Music and dancing together speak to our senses and heart as one; it opens a new way of being and feeling that resonates with our body’s sensual wisdom; it is a gateway to our mysterious, forgotten feminine core.

Sacred Feminine Movement (SFM) is a powerful doorway to embodying and awakening the natural sensuality that is intrinsic to you. It easily connects you to your feminine radiance, deepest bliss, and truest self. It allows you to connect beyond yourself and to connect to all of life.

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Sonja, Berlin Germany

I can't believe how sensually alive I feel.  I feel so sexy, so feminine.  I had no idea I could feel this way. Thank you for your gentle teaching Aine, I was so nervous and you made me feel so at ease.

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Henretta, Berlin Germany

Sacred Feminine Movement felt amaaaaaazing! I want more! I feel so alive in my body!  Thank you Aine!

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Kristina, Berlin Germany

I never even knew I had this sensual energy within me.  Your sensual embodiment that you carry and yet gentle way of teaching lured it out of me during the workshop. I cant stop dancing!  I am in love with this energy and movement! Thank you Aine!

In ancient times, sensual dance was seen as sacred and performed with devotion for the goddess. Women danced in temples to pay tribute to the divine and danced in the fields to bless the crops and bring their abundance. The female dancer embodied the sensual and loving energy of the goddess within herself, in so doing blessing the earth. As the patriarchal shift swiftly unfolded in society, the divine feminine became increasingly suppressed.


Sensuality and sexuality—both divine aspects of the Goddess—were deemed sinful. Sexuality was no longer a natural and sacred part of life, but rather a diversion from the divine. Religion restricted any joy in our natural sexuality: it became suppressed, forgotten, and misunderstood in spite of its inherent innocence and divinity. This has left many women unknowingly starved, yearning to be fully alive again.


Women were shamed in their bodies, in their sexuality, and in their feminine power. Feminine gifts such as sensuality, connection, and intuition were seen unfit, as they no longer had their place in male dominated society and religion.


Sacred Feminine Movement is intrinsically pure and innocent in nature as it is a dance of love’s deep yearning and a dance of deep devotion to all of life. Divine Sensual Dance is a dance of love. It is a dance of pleasure and sensuality. It is a dance of light, joy, and passion.


The movements in SFM are natural movements to you as a woman and a mix of gentle yoga and sensual dance practices.  Yet, in SFM the difference is in the focus of the woman herself.  Here her focus is on her deep enjoyment of the sensuality of her body for herself and her devotion to her embodied love, rather than focusing on evoking a response or taking power over a man.


SFM is for the dancer herself and evokes her inner radiance and inner peace. The feminine radiance of a woman enjoying her sensuality, body and open heart without using it for control is a powerful gift to the dancer herself and to the world around her. It is her connection to her true self and the embodiment of the divine, taking you beyond your limiting beliefs of who you are.


Learn sensual dance movements in a supportive, fun, and accepting atmosphere. Classes and workshops are for women only, of every age, size and dancing ability.


Expect to have fun, to let go, and to Enjoy!

Expect to uncover a deeply powerful aspect of yourself. Expect to be transformed.


Classes and workshops consist of stretching, conditioning, and movement practice with enough space for your own improvisation and expression through the guidance of Aine Sun.


Classes and workshops also include the supportive and non-judgemental space for sharing of your inner experiences.

Private, Online Courses Available. 

Contact Aine Sun for Details