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Sensuality, the lost and forgotten key to your Inner Bliss, Great Pleasure, and Feminine Radiance

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Most often, when we hear the word sensuality, we tend to believe it only has to do with sexual expression. We may even find ourselves judging and feeling uncomfortable as if there is something ‘bad’ or ‘sinful’ about it. Yet, in truth, sensuality is so much beyond ‘just’ sex and its inherent gift is innocent and sacred.

Sensuality holds the key to a feeling of wholeness within, to a sense of inner peace, and to an experience of a full and rich inner life.

Sensuality is the doorway to the freedom from the madness and exhaustion of the over-worked mind. It is the space where true authentic intimacy resides and one of the greatest and most alluring gifts of the divine feminine essence.

Ever since the Goddess and God were split in our society and religion thousands of years ago, we have separated sexuality and spirituality. The inherent innocence of sexuality was removed and we were taught to feel shameful about this very natural and sacred experience. Sexuality and the body were deemed evil and our ego placed it in the shadow of our psyche to ‘protect us.’ Sensuality, along with sexuality, rest behind a door of shame in the psyche of many. Yet, it is only because of this misunderstanding that sensuality, sexuality and our bodies are regarded as sinful.

It is only when we allow our sensuality into the light that it rises out out of the shadow and it returns to its natural, uncorrupted state.

So what is then the pure function of sensuality?

Sensuality is simply the awakening to and the expansive allowing of the sensations within your whole body through your heart and body.

Sensuality resides within the feminine realm. It requires a gentle opening, an allowance, and an ability to receive rather than to give. It is a shift into a state of simply ‘being’ (the feminine state) rather than a state of ‘doing’ (the masculine state).

As a contrast to our loud and busy culture, sensuality is a gentle shift, a softening into the present moment. Here, you place your awareness to the sensations of your body and let this feeling expand throughout your being. This practice naturally and effortlessly creates a deep sense of presence and peace within. As you allow this sensation to expand throughout your body, you begin to experience a heightened sense of pleasure. This allows your ordinary life to become deeply enjoyable, orgasmic, and fully lived.

This may sound similar to the practice of mindfulness, but sensuality deepens the mindful experience further as it relishes in and expands the experiences of the body throughout your awareness. As we awaken our body and indulge in the simple gifts of our present moment, we reawaken our inner passion for life.

In our fast-paced culture, we are living from the waste up in our minds only. Yet our true feminine power and gift lies within the embodiment of our whole selves and that includes our entire body. Because we are no longer present, we have become numb to what is around us.

Yet, when we shift our awareness to our sensuality we experience true pleasure for the simplest of things. When we allow the pleasure that our body gives to us in the humblest of forms, such as simply drinking a cup of tea, we begin to appreciate the magnificence our bodies and the pleasure that is around us at all times. We return to the garden of Eden.

When we feel shameful about the pleasure our bodies bring us, we take away the ability to feel the enormous gift we have at our fingertips. We loose out on experiencing the gift of deeply enjoying the simplest of things in our beautiful world throughout our daily life. Our lives become busy and anxious as we try desperately to escape the imprisonment of the mind. We can easily find escape trough shifting back into our bodies.

Our world is made up of systems, which keep things in check and balance. Everything in life has a purpose and is inherently good and purposeful, but must be kept in balance or it will become destructive. We were never meant to experience life only through our minds alone and as we know so well, this experience is not a pleasant one. To ‘heal’ means to become whole again. To become whole, we must simply allow for balance. In our mind-dominated culture, we have forgotten to cultivate the experience and awareness of our bodies, heart and mind together.

When you learn how to awaken your sensuality, this experience becomes automatic and naturally a part of who you are. Your life dramatically shifts.

Before you know it, you are experiencing a joyful existence. In this state, you are radiating a gorgeous, radiant feminine energy.

Here, you are in a deep state of openness and truly present in your environment. You become magnetic and your feminine light shines luminously. This sensual nature is intoxicating and deeply alluring to the masculine as it inspires your partner to want to please you and give you even more pleasure.nine energy she gives off.

Awakening your sensuality is a gift that your partner will be forever grateful that you have cultivated. It may well be one of the greatest gift you will give to yourself. Allow yourself to fully enjoy your life. Be the radiant goddess you were born to be! Awaken to your divine sensuality within!

With All my Love,

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