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Restoring the Sacredness of Feminine Magnetism & Seduction

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

“The early goddesses have usually been seen as simple Great Mothers whose birth-giving powers struck awe and terror in the primitive mind. But woman in toto was the true objet de culte, the almighty Lady of Everything: cosmic totality, death and rebirth, and the sex energy of existence. Women who echo these archaic images of desirability, however faintly, are the ones who send men over the moon. The deja vu sentiments in love may be only memory traces of the first proponent goddess and all she incarnates. -Betsy Prioleau, Ph.D.

The Fear of Feminine Seductive Power

Besides the suppression of the Goddess's gifts and power as one with the divine over 5,000 years ago, there has been a continual fear and demonetization of feminine magnetism. Because of this, we have put our feminine magnetism in our shadow and it is not understood for the sacred gifts it holds within. The greatest fear of this ancient energy which still exists today is the fear of being powerless under the spell of a woman's enormous powerful seduction. The embodiment of immense pleasure, sensual connection to her body, and deep desire that a woman is able to radiate generates such a powerful pull of magnetism that evokes our most primal instincts. Yet, this energy, when used in harmony with the 7 Archetypes of the Divine & Sacred Enchantress, allows for a vibrant and powerfully healing life force to bless one's life and relationship with passion, profound aliveness, joy and love.

Her (the Ancient Love Goddess) archetype reveals not only the anatomy of the seductress but also the infrastructure of sexuality. The core themes of sexual desire evolved through goddess mythology. Out of those primordial beliefs and rituals arose the construction of the erotic- who and what excite us and why we mate as we do. It's the paradigmatic Seductive Way, incised in the human collective unconscious and resistant to change, despite fluctuations in sexual tastes and mores.” -Betsy Prioleau, Ph.D.

The Profoundly Healing Gift of Seduction

Alike all gifts of the Sacred Enchantress, this Seductive force of the feminine, is a natural part of us and a gift to both our beloved and to ourselves. When we can generate this profound energy within, we are vibrant with the pulsating vibrant energy of life itself. When embodying the magnetic energy of the feminine, we are able to truly receive and allow great pleasure to move through us.

This ancient, primitive energy is life force itself. It is the rich energy of the deep primitive yearning of creating new life through loving pleasure and union and is profoundly sacred. Embodying this energy is allowing ourselves to live in a state of eros and love itself. This is why it is so powerful, so moving and so nourishing. It allows a beloved to let go into this primitive energy for restoration and healing through bliss.

It is a powerful reprieve from our mundane world and gives a sense of deep passionate power for life. This is the energy that has always moved the world and the masculine in his core. It is the very gift of life itself, being called in through the loving pleasure of the Goddess and one that is deeply craved and healing in our human life.

Restoring the Innocence of Eroticism

In a world that is overly sexualized, we have lost the connection to the natural innocence and profound sacredness of our deep sensuality and earthy, primitive eroticism.

Sex is ever available, yet we have never been so lonely and starved for human connection as we are today. Sexual repression has given way to sexual liberation but neither has anything to do with true passion, self-knowledge, or intimacy. Without our connection to the Goddess, we lost our ability to experience vulnerable, heart centered, deeply passionate, and authentic sexuality. The embodied sensuality that I experienced and learned to be so profoundly healing, inspiring, and alluring was not the loud and ‘in your face’ as we experience now today, but a more integrated, profound awareness of the sensuality of the entire body which is for the awakening of the woman herself.

“In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, we denied, through the practice of puritanism, the guilt we felt towards our bodies; in the twentieth century, the discomfort of repressed guilt became too much to bear, so we abandoned it in favor of bodily gratification. We may now be more comfortable with the fact that we have bodies, but we have no context to give meaning to our newfound awareness…. Not until we recognize the Divine Immanence, the light of the Goddess in matter, can we hope to establish a balance, a re-connection with our own deepest nature that can root us in a world of meaning and imagination.” -Marion Woodman PhD, The Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness

An extremely effective way of restoring the natural innocence of our eroticism is by noticing the subtly of how completely sensual and innocently erotic nature is. When we can remember that the Goddess restores our understanding that ALL of life is scared, we can find answers to missing parts of ourselves within nature, reconnecting to our primal, erotic roots.

We can see the sensual expression of life force energy in the way the rivers bend and curve like the form of a woman’s body, the way a bee crawls ever so delicately into a flower opening it wider as it goes inside, and the crashing ocean waves pulling in and out, drawn by the enormously magnetic pull of the moon. Sensuality and eroticism are as mysteriously alluring and seductive as the moon. All beings strive to come together in union with their hearts chosen desire, in love creating new life. When you can begin to attune your eyes and allow your body to feel, you will notice that our universe is pulsating with sexuality at its core.

We can also return to this state when we notice the poetic beauty of the sensuous splendor of life all around us and letting that pleasurable sensation expand throughout our being. When we can get lost in our sensual feelings, as we notice, feel, listen, taste, and take in the enormous pleasure around us at every moment, we awaken our truest essence. When we can feel the gratitude of this feeling of bliss that is available to us at any time we shift our focus, we are in the space of our loving hearts. When we can lovingly shift back to the nurturing, and supportive gentle voice of our hearts, while we attend to our pleasure with care, we can allow ourselves the most healing space to come home to ourselves.

The Ancient Love Goddess is Innately Erotic & Sensual

The Ancient Love Goddesses like Innana and Hathor are goddess of beauty and Eros who delight in the rich and luxurious realm of the senses.

Innana was worshiped as the Queen of Heaven and Earth during a time when we did not disconnect nature and spirituality as one. Her primal, earthly nature was revered as much as her heavenly qualities and they were integrated as one.

Innana’s poems written by her high Sumerian priestess Enheduanna, are passionately full of love and longing. The devotional love she speaks of her body, pleasure and desire for the bliss of sexual union demonstrates the view of the sacredness the female body and the vessel as holy life-giving temple we once knew. In our primordial past, our pleasures, desires and heart’s longings were treasured as directly one with the divine.

I leave you here with an Erotic Poem of Goddess Innana, written by her High Priestess, Enheduanna from Ancient Sumer ca 2285 and 2250 BCE (more than 4,000 years ago) who is recognized as the first poet in human history). This poem was written in clay by reeds in a time when Sexuality was revered as Divine and one with our Spiritual Nature for the life giving gifts and heavenly pleasurable it bestows upon us.

“The people cleanse the rushes with sweet-smelling cedar oil,

They arrange the rushes for the bed.

They spread a bridal sheet over the bed.

A bridal sheet to rejoice the heart,

A bridal sheet to sweeten the loins,

A bridal sheet for Inanna and Dumuzi.

The queen bathes her holy loins,

Inanna bathes for the holy loins of Dumuzi,

She washes herself with soap.

She sprinkles sweet-smelling cedar oil on the ground.

The king goes with lifted head to the holy loins,

Dumuzi goes with lifted head to the holy loins of Inanna.

He lies down beside her on the bed.

Tenderly he caresses her, murmuring words of love:

"O my holy jewel! O my wondrous Inanna!"

After he enters her holy vulva,

causing the queen to rejoice,

After he enters her holy vulva,

causing Inanna to rejoice,

Inanna holds him to her and murmurs:

"O Dumuzi, you are truly my love."

“You, the chosen shepherd of the holy shrine, You, the king, the faithful provider of Uruk, You, the light of An's great shrine, In all ways you are fit… Inanna holds you dear." "I bathed for the wild bull, I bathed for the shepherd Dumuzi, I perfumed my sides with ointment, I coated my mouth with sweet-smelling amber, I painted my eyes with kohl. He shaped my loins with his fair hands, The shepherd Dumuzi filled my lap with cream and milk, He stroked my pubic hair, He watered my womb. He laid his hands on my holy vulva, He smoothed my black boat with cream, He quickened my narrow boat with milk, He caressed me on the bed. Now I will caress my high priest on the bed, I will caress the faithful shepherd Dumuzi, I will caress his loins, the shepherdship of the land, I will decree a sweet fate for him."

With Love,

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