A Sacred Feminine Path of
Love  &  Enlightenment

Through the Ancient Love Goddess

Welcome Beloved Sister

You are invited to Gently & Lovingly Allow Yourself to
Change your Life & Relationship
into the Authentic Peace, Bliss, Harmony & Love which
Naturally Resides within You

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The Way of the Divine Enchantress

The Journey Into
the 7 Sacred Gateways
of Transformation

Online Program

Elaine, Montreal, Canada

This peaceful Journey has helped to heal me on a deep level.  The loving wisdom of this work and your book is completely priceless. Every woman should know this.  I will be forever grateful to your mentorship dear Aine Sun!

I thank you from my heart!" 

Lilly S., Canada

Connecting to my Sacred Heart and body saved me and brought me back home to a deep well of peace & inner wisdom that I did not even know I had.  It transformed my life and my relationship changed along with it.  The closeness we share is precious.  I wish I had known about this years ago.  I am deeply grateful to Aine Sun for sharing this wisdom of the Ancient Love Goddess with all of us.

This Powerful 7 Week Journey
All of the Following

Enter into the Embodied Love &
Awakening of the Ancient Love Goddess


One-on-One Heart Based Coaching

Weekly, 1.5 hour sessions of Online Heart Based Coaching with  Aine Sun to support you deeply through this journey



Heart Centred Coaching helps you to access the connection to your inner wisdom & well-spring of Love Within to gently, yet powerfully support you through your transformation bringing clarity and inner peace. 

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Over 150 PageS of Written Course Material

This written material provides the framework for the entire coaching course and is meant to take you on a journey to uncover the limiting beliefs of who you are.


Full of applicable wisdom written in a heart-centred and compassionate way touching on the very lives of the modern day woman while integrating the gifts of sacred feminine archetypes. 


Personal Archetype Discovery

A personal archetype discovery to uncover which archetypes are wanting to bless your life most, which lie within your shadow and which you already embody.


This discovery helps you become aware of what is holding you back most, where your deepest gifts are and what can assist you in restoring your life to passionate love.


Sacred Feminine Movement

During the Journey Into the Sacred Gates of the Ancient Love Goddess, one of the sessions will cover the practice of Sacred Feminine Movement.  

This practice is an opening of the sensations of the body through natural feminine movement which allows for the opening of and ability to be fully present within your body as you embody love itself.

Audio Meditation for each Sacred Gateway

Every week, you will receive an audio meditation from Aine Sun on each Sacred Gateway allowing you greater clarity of Practical application for integrating the treasure of ancient wisdom into your life.

Listen in your own time to journey into the Gateways of the Ancient Love Goddess.

Primordial Wisdom for Sacred Partnership

Discover the secrets of the Ancient Love Goddess.   Learn her Way of Being that grants her the timeless feminine allure which heals and restores love into passion and harmony.  Most precious of all is that this wisdom connects you directly to the Sacred Feminine within you.  This ancient wisdom is practical and gives tried and true results without you having to work on anything directly with your partner. 

Exclusive Book for All Clients of Aine Sun

The Way of the Divine Enchantress, by Aine Sun holds the entire 7 Sacred Gateways of Transformation & Wisdom of this powerfully healing Sacred Practice of Love & Enlightenment through the Ancient Love Goddess. Included is the ancient wisdom to transform your life & Primordial Wisdom to deeply inspire your relationship back into passionate harmony & loving service.


This deeply transformational, life-changing, comprehensive and grounded Spiritual book bridging our Humanity & Divinity is available in softcover for all clients of Aine Sun and will be mailed to you upon signing up for the 7 Sacred Gateway Coaching Journey.


The 7 Sacred Gateways


Sacred Gateway

The Illumination of the Lost Wisdom of the Ancient Love Goddess

Discover the history of how we collectively lost our connection to the Divine Feminine when the Goddess was cast into the shadow of our society and our individual psyche.  Learn the sacred ethics of the Divine Enchantress that create the alchemy of her healing radiance.

Learn the grounded way of being that a Sacred Feminine path of enlightenment, wholeness and love is naturally embodied through the way of the Ancient Love Goddess.


Sacred Gateway

Enter into the Sacred Heart & Womb of the Divine Mother & Divine Virgin Archetype

Learn the power, wisdom and sacredness of your emotions and the profound gifts of your open, vulnerable human heart.  Discover the profoundly healing voice and space of love which resides within the center of each of our beings and is one with the Divine Mother.


This supportive well-spring of abundant love from within can help restore our past to the precious love of our original state of being.


Connect yourself to the voice of wisdom of the Heart to lovingly support you through every challenging time with grace, profound wisdom and inner peace.  Create a space within for true intimacy, authenticity and connection with your beloved.


Sacred Gateway

Reclaiming your Sacred Inheritance – Integrating the Divine Queen Archetype

Understand through the Divine Queen, the sacredness of all of life.  The Divine Queen understands that that we are all an expression of the Goddess in our own unique form.  That everyone of us is precious expression of the divine.


Reclaim your own unique expression of beauty and embrace your body and essence as it is in this moment.  Heal your body shame that has been placed upon us for thousands of years.  Restore deep inner self-worth.

Learn the imperatively healing importance of healthy boundaries and reclaim your body as sacred.


Sacred Gateway

Restoring the Reverence of Nature as Goddess- Reconnecting to the Sacred Wild Woman Archetype

The Sacred Wild Woman allows us to heal the long lost connection to our natural and wild passion for life. She knows within her deep instinctual wisdom that nature is Sacred, rather than separate from the Divine.  She reminds us that nature holds the blueprint of the divine and it is here where we can reconnect to our ancient lost wisdom.

Heal your connection to the most suppressed yet holder of the greatest gifts to bless our lives with aliveness, joy, instinctual wisdom, connection to all of life, profound love and vibrancy.


Sacred Gateway

Reclaiming our Sensual Innocence and Restoring Sacred Pleasure – Embodying the Archetypes of the Sacred Seductress & Sensualist

The Love Goddess not only understands pleasure as sacred, but revers it so.  She knows that pleasure is her birthright and is guiding her home. 

Allow yourself to open to this sacred gift to embody present mindfulness in a radiantly, healthy and fullness of rich life force energy, making our every day life experience full love and experienced as heaven on earth in the most simplest of ways.

Restore your innate feminine magnetism and ability to embody love and life force energy itself.


Sacred Gateway

Resurrecting & Rewriting the Stories of our Heart – Inspiration from the Sacred Muse Archetype

Every Love Goddess has experienced dramatic love stories that helped them break open into more expanded love and embody their humanity and divinity as one. 

Connect deeply to your imagination, intuition, and other sensory perceptions. It is here in this magical world that we can be visionaries and create a world of love with every story line that life presents to us.


Sacred Gateway

Being Embodied Love Itself – The Sacred Gift of the Priestess Sage

In our ancient times, the priestesses of the ancient Love Goddess healed others from trauma, allowing them to become whole again, through her ability to embody and channel the healing life force energy of the Ancient Love Goddess.  Being the final archetype of the Divine Enchantress, she is the integration of all of the archetypes to balance and support one another in harmony, peace, and healing for the allowance of the wholeness you naturally are.

Heal your natural connection to your Divinity & Humanity as one. 

Learn the inherently healing energy of your feminine magnetism and feminine wisdom to allow for timeless, joyful devotion to bless your life and your relationship with a beloved for a lifetime.


Heart Centred

Heart Centered Coaching


Connecting to your heart and body you are able to feel, touch and listen to the profound inner wisdom of the Sacred Heart within you.


No one will ever know what is best for you than this inner higher wisdom within you. Instead of telling you what to do, Aine Sun uses Heart Centred Coaching to mentor you to connect with this natural wisdom of your heart & body so that you can reconnect to the wisdom of each topic which comes up that you need assistance in moving through.


Feel held in a nourishing container of non-judgemental compassionate listening, as Aine holds space for your process to unfold naturally as she gently guides you to your soul’s knowing through the session. Learning this practice will allow you to access this profoundly sacred energy within you throughout your life.

Oracle Reading Included in Session.

Heart Centred Coaching is Included in the 7 Gateway Journey but is also offered as


Individual Sessions on their own -or-  in conjunction with Sacred Feminine Movement.

Aine, I want to tell you that you are an angel and I've been waiting for you my whole life.  Your course is worth a million dollars and more, but I'm glad you made it affordable so more women can help create peace and love in the world."

Ann G., USA


Options & Pricing


Heart Centerd Coaching Session

$114 Canadian

1.5 Hour Session

$90 Canadian

for clients who have already completed the

7 Sacred Gateway Journey

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Sacred Feminine Movement

Awaken the Sensual Goddess

Within You

$80 Canadian

1 Hour Session

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Journey Into the
Ancient Love Goddess's 7 Sacred Gateways of Transformation

7 Sacred Gateway Journey of the Ancient Love Goddess


One-on-One, Personal Online Coaching with Aine Sun

$798 Canadian Total

 7 Sessions of 1.5 hours each ($114 Each Session)

Including the entire package listed above

(i.e. book, audio meditations, Heart Centered Coaching, Sacred Feminine Movement course & Primordial Wisdom for restoring Passionate Partnership)

Payment Plans available upon request

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