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The Philosophy of a Sacred Feminine Path of Enlightenment  & Love through
the Ancient Love Goddess

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."

-C.G. Jung

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Throughout our history for the last 5,000 years, we have been told that experiencing life though the essence and body of a woman is not only a distraction but an obstacle to enlightenment.  
This belief is simply based on the fact that a majority of the well-known spiritual philosophies has been one-sided, as the wisdom of the Divine Feminine has been greatly suppressed.  
There is a different path of understanding enlightenment within the feminine paradigm.  It is one that we all can experience in our lifetime.   It is real and authentic.  It is beautifully human, imperfect and genuine. 
The bliss, joy, and connection that is experienced is through the body and heart, rather than a separation from it. It is one that honours the human condition, our planet and all life as sacred and one with the divine. 
This is a path of integration and embodiment that includes both our light and dark aspects. It recognizes the inherent connection to our humanity and divinity as one.  It is an integration of the whole through an opening of the heart.  It is an uncovering and integration of our shadow aspects through love and acceptance. It is an acknowledgement of our humanity as sacred, rather than something to be avoided or transcended.
This path, which includes the wisdom of the Goddess, encompasses great compassion for the human condition and our natural connection to all.  
It lies within the realm of the body and heart and is the container of passionate love, open-vulnerable hearts, the embodiment of our sensuality and emotions, our inter-connection to others, and the integration of the profound wisdom we receive from of our bodies, hearts, and nature itself.  
This path is circular and on-going, forever becoming, rather than a linear goal to be achieved. 

Spiritual Wisdom through the Ancient Love Goddess

The Wisdom of the Ancient Love Goddesses holds the very key to this way of being.  It is through this embodiment that we can travel a different path into becoming a spiritually connected human being, which experiences a conscious, peaceful, connected, loving, harmonious, and joyfully passionate life. This path fully embraces life and all of its experiences, rather than trying to separate from it- bridging together matter and spirit, rather than keeping them separate.  


This is a path where one can surrender to the great mystery of life, understanding that we are always in a constant state of becoming more embodied love. In this state, one understands that she is already an expressions of the divine. This is a path where one goes into the roots of the subconscious through life experiences entering into the rich dark soil for rebirth, in an endless cycle of becoming.

As stated in the ancient Gnostic texts, the original Goddess is the totality of all aspects of the divine feminine.


She shows us how to connect to all of life through the integration of both our light and dark aspects, our humanity with our divinity, our divine masculine with our divine feminine, to experience Heaven and Earth as one.  


She offers the embodiment and joyous celebration of the pleasure that her body brings her and the peace and power of the union of opposites within.



The Profound Gift of Contrast


It has been said that we all started from a state of ‘oneness’ and that in order for that ‘oneness’ to know itself, it needed to experience this state of contrast. It is through contrast that we experience life. We cannot understand life without death.  We cannot experience joy without sorrow.   The brightness of the sun is only as bright as the contrast of the darkest night. They are not opposites, but rather interconnected as one.

We are all interconnected and interdependent upon each other. Neither the sacred feminine nor the sacred masculine is complete on its own and each is a beautiful reinforcement to one another.  They both need each other to fully realize the path to the integration of the Whole Human Being.  



“And so it is that I reveal one of the lost secrets of the ages- that Spirit, the male principle, in order to return to itself through its journey into Matter, requires the assistance of the feminine principle, the Intelligence of Mater itself… It is the joining of the Sun and the Moon, the joining of the masculine and feminine principles, in equilibrium, in energetic balance, that true illumination is attained.”

– Mary Magdalene, The Magdalene Manuscript

Spiritual Awakening through the Masculine Paradigm


















They must be able to disconnect from the world. This was for the very nurturance and protection of our species.  It was so important and without this we would also not be here.


Another helpful way to see this symbolically played out in our lives is through the way a male experience orgasm.  When a male has an orgasm, he has a release. The masculine’s greatest gift is that of service and many men feel an enormous amount of pressure for responsibility. To experience a release of this responsibility for a moment, a dis-attachment, is bliss. In this state, there is the release of oxytocin, which is the hormone connected to spiritual feelings of ‘oneness’ or the connection to all of life. Therefore, from a masculine system, enlightenment is of non-attachment and freedom.

Spiritual Awakening through the Feminine Paradigm


system that is not integrated is deeply imbalanced and suffers greatly. 


As this knowledge and awareness has been hidden in our collective shadow, we are only now beginning to return to this great wisdom as the missing key in our spiritual freedom.

This is the wisdom that the ancient Love Goddess carries for she is able to integrate all aspects of her humanity with her divinity through the embodiment in her physical form in an on-going experience throughout life.


It is though our feminine gifts that we could support our tribe in creating community, connection, and equality. Even more importantly, with our heart connection, we could raise thriving, balanced, and healthy children.  


Children thrive through love and they greatly suffer when abandoned or misunderstood.  If a woman were to dis-connect from the intelligence of her emotions and the connections to her heart, our offspring would have not thrived and we would have never been where we are today as a species.  


It is through our bodies that our children are born. We are the portals from the spirit world into the physical. We must be deeply connected to our bodies in a spiritually grounded way in order to assist our children through this transition and throughout their childhood. Therefore, our wisdom and connection to all that is, is deeply connected to our hearts and our bodies.


The feminine form of enlightenment can also be demonstrated in how the female body experiences orgasm and how her hormones have developed over millions of years.  During sex, a woman becomes full of a man’s sperm. A woman also feels full of love after connection. When a woman with a female essence feels safe, supported, and loved she is in a state of fullness. In this state, she is able to experience on-going, circular orgasms.  


Oxytocin is realized and she feels connected to all of life.  In the feminine state of ‘fullness,’ the range of emotions, full bodied sensuality and the all encompassing love connects her to all that is.


She knows that the only way through is a deep embodiment, rather than a quest for non-attachment. 


Through deep embodiment she can also experience a natural flow of her emotions as they naturally change and move with the moon, tide and seasons. Once her emotions have been honoured, they are released. Through deep embodiment, she also takes in the deliciousness of life all around her through her sensually awakened body. 


This loving pleasure increases her levels of oxytocin and the more she experiences this state, the more oxytocin she produces. This is the way she experiences her bliss and spiritual awareness, in an open hearted and open body reception of life. In this sense, feeling that she is a part of it all in a constant flow, connected through her heart and body, through her human experience she is in a state of ‘oneness’ with life itself.

The Integration of both Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine for Wholeness 









Connecting our Humanity & Divinity as one

When we are able to shine the light on our emotions and our humanness, understanding it all in its sacred entirety, we are no longer unconscious and we no longer disown or suppress vital parts of our humanity that connect us to greater spiritual knowledge and truth. We value the body and the heart and we understand that both the body and heart have the ability to connect us directly to the divine. This is the joyfully, succulent, and in-spirited sacred path of the Ancient Love Goddess.


In understanding that everything human is also an expression of the divine, the feminine path of enlightenment also cares for, respects and honours the needs of her whole self, including her ego. This allows one to integrate the ego into the light, rather than suppressing it further into the dark, creating an unconscious shadow. Understanding the ego as a part that needs to be attended to, in order to be healed.


This is in much contrast to the masculine paradigm that often speaks about ridding, suppressing or killing the ego for transcendence.  


In the next section, I go into much more detailed information about how we can transform our ego through love and deep self compassion, rather than disowning it through separation and denial.

We are Already Whole

If we can honour that everything is sacred, we can finally see our ego as a part of our human experience.  


It is here to construct an individual self, to make sure that we survive, and to make us aware of our human needs.   

If we can cultivate a loving and compassionate relationship with our Ego without letting it take over, as a loving parent would with a small child, we can become whole human beings.


In this way, we make sure that our human needs are met so that we can connect with others in a state of wholeness and share our gifts with the world, creating harmony and strength rather coming into the world in a state of lack, unable to contribute and causing unease and disharmony. 


The Ancient Love Goddess reminds us that we are already Love itself.  In the following blog (A Feminine Path of Enlightenment and Love) you can explore the role of the inner Divine Mother and the inherent connection to the well-spring of love we have within us at all times. We can connect to this inner love to help us transform our Ego self into ‘the divine child,’ an enlightened state of love and wholeness within.  

Our Body & Pleasure Hold Sacred Connection



The Ancient Love Goddess reminds us that our heart’s desires and physical pleasure are also sacred. She knows that we can instantly return to the Garden of Eden at any moment in our lives the second we honour the pleasures of our body integrated with love and hense experience an awakened sensuality. 


She knows that all expressions of loving pleasure which does not harm the self or another, is completely sacred. She feels no shame in her body and sees her sexuality as not only natural and divine but as the direct connection to her life force energy within. She knows that this holds the gift for her ability to experience rich pleasure in the connection to all of life and is the profound experience, which creates new life with a beloved. 


She lives from an embodied, grounded, passionate, and conscious state where she is able to flow through life transcending the small world of the ego as she integrates her whole self. At the same time, she is completely passionately in love with life itself and deeply connected to all of life around her through her open, vulnerable human heart and her receptive sensually awakened body. Though experiencing her own vulnerability and way of open-heartedness, she is deeply connected to humanity at large. Yet also, through her open heart and sensually awakened body, she is able to experience life though embodied pleasure and gratitude.  This state creates a natural pull of devotion, adoration and passionate love in your lover. 



All of yourself is Honoured and Held in Reverence to the Human Condition

The feminine way of enlightenment is not only about experiencing positive emotions, but includes all of our emotions, including the uncomfortable ones, as important and valuable in our spiritual consciousness. It is through the embodiment of our emotions and the integration of their wisdom through holding them in a container of unconditional love and acceptance that we experience life in a peaceful and profound way.

The Sacredness of Nature itself Including our Instincts

She is compassionate and loving to herself and knows that she is the embodiment of love itself.  She knows that the light of love that she contains can alchemize any pain into a greater capacity to love. She embodies her pain during heart-break knowing that her heart is expanding in love, rather than contracting.  She is therefore deeply connected to her human experience, to those she loves and to humanity at large as she connects to the hearts of others knowing we are all one. 


Sadly, many men and women have found it very difficult to integrate the blissful state that they experience in their quest for non-attachment in an on-going basis in their daily lives.  Even more troubling is that suppressing the needs of our ego self and denying our humanity only creates a bigger shadow and separates us further from integrated embodied love. It is the integration of both masculine and feminine that creates our wholeness. 


We need the masculine to help us detach from the small view of the ego so that we remember that we are more than our stories, but we need our feminine to allow us to fully embody our humanity and to live a full, embodied life. We need the masculine to support the feminine and the feminine to give life to the masculine. We need the masculine aspect of the mind to support the feminine aspect of the heart, not one taking over the other, but integrated together as one. Not one can live a nurturing or virtuous life without the other. Together they are miraculous and create the complete human being .


When we only honour the non-attached masculine path as the one path to enlightenment, we are disconnected to our completion and greatness as human beings. We forget who we truly are, we are unable to embody our divinity, we lost the connection to our whole self and power.

Enlightenment is not a change into something better or more, but a simple recognition of who we truly already are”



So by separating matter and spirit, mind and body, and the God and Goddess, we lost our ability to understand how to obtain enlightenment naturally as integrated human beings.  We falsely assume that ‘once I can no longer feel bad, sad, or triggered, then I will finally be enlightened.’  But enlightenment is ever present, and the never-ending embodiment of all of life.  Being enlightened through the love goddess is not about being perfect, but rather it is about being conscious of all of our parts and integrating them into wholeness through compassion, love, integration and acceptance. It is the illumination of our humanity through the embrace of love and therefore the integration of our humanity with our divinity.  It is through this self-compassion and acceptance that we can interact with life in a more whole way which gives us profound inner peace, love, connection, and wisdom.


We are already who we were meant to be.  We are already one, but we don’t see that we are an expression of the creator exactly as we are.  We falsely believe there is something inherently wrong with us, with our animalistic impulses and our messy emotions.  We go to Gurus and give our power away to them, falsely believing they have a connection to divinity that we don’t.  


We have been cut off from our feminine wisdom and therefore are emotionally confused, starved and dis-attached in our society and communities.  Anxiety and depression are unfortunately incredibly common and are most often the result of not paying attention to and honouring our human emotional and physical needs.


Because of our dis-attachment to our emotions and authentic self, we develop a shadow and ironically it is with our unconscious shadow that we become separate from each other and from embodying a more compassionate, whole, and evolved self. 


The way of the marriage between divine feminine and divine masculine and the inclusion of all that is, rather than the exclusion, is a way to experience enlightenment through the feminine paradigm. The way of the Divine Enchantress can help you embody this way of being.  All that she is, is the great feminine wisdom experienced through life itself in an on-going basis understanding all of the world around her as sacred and an expression of the divine itself.   


Here, we can finally accept ourselves, our bodies, our stories, and our broken open hearts as love itself forever becoming.  There is no state of completion or place to get to, but the full embodiment and on-going connection to life itself.


We know that in the end, we don’t know, and we surrender in trust to the great mystery of life through the cycles and circular path of forever becoming which paradoxically offers us tremendous inner peace and joy.

“The soul embodied in matter, manifested in the Goddess as container and transformer, will take us beyond dualism, beyond the defensive splits within our psyche if we open up to her energy within us.  She faces us with our greatest fear and by showing us the treasure hidden away within it, she takes us to a place where love is born.  Love is the true antithesis of fear.  It expands where fear constricts.  It embraces where fear repels.”    

-Marion Woodman


Interestingly enough, we can see the more commonly accepted understanding of spiritual enlightenment as a state of oneness through ‘emptiness,’ where there are no feelings, attachments or desires of the Ego as a one-sided masculine perspective. 


We can see this played out in our very biological nature.  Our men have evolved for millions of years to serve, honour and protect us through being hunters and protectors.  It is imperative for a hunter to be able to disconnect from the heart in order to go on long walk-abouts away from the community, to make a hunt for food for the tribe, or to protect us from invaders.   Therefore, in the psychological hormonal system and makeup of men, which has developed for millions of years, they have had to be able to cut off connections and enjoy their freedom in the wild. This is the reason for the all-too-well-known desire for men in our modern times to have their ‘cave time’ to recollect themselves again.


In contrast, the feminine essence has evolved for millions of years to be the holders of the wisdom of love though our hearts and bodies. Our neurology is deeply wired for connection, empathy, intuition, body and earth wisdom and the flow and intelligence of our hearts. 


Men are also capable of these traits and it is also important for them to integrate this feminine wisdom for wholeness within, yet women naturally embody this way of being in our essence and hormonal system. It is our natural realm and we flourish in this way of being. 


When we entered a patriarchal system, these sacred feminine gifts were not only greatly undervalued for their inherent worth and enormous value, but have been shamed for thousands of years because of the fear of their great power. 

Yet the masculine is incomplete without the feminine and any


In essence having the experience of ‘nothingness and non-attachment’ and experiencing the embodied state of ‘connection to all that is’ is on opposite sides of the spectrum. Yet in the end, they are both from the same source and have the same ending, ‘oneness.’  


For the perspective of the masculine it is of freedom and non-attachment. From the perspective of the feminine, it is of Love and connection.  


But the paradox is that once we reach a state of oneness (the connection to all of life) we reach nothingness as it is all one.  We no longer are attached to any particular outcome because we embrace and surrender to the fact that we are connected to everything and part of the whole.  


We flow through life in trust embodying our experience and being present in the moment, yet knowing we are connected to a greater whole.  We do not hold tight to our own unique identity, yet know that our unique expression of the divine is also important and sacred.


The elements, animals, and plants are also an expression of the Creatrix of all that is.  They each play their individual part to the greater whole and together we are one.  Each one has its own unique wisdom and gift to share.  There is not one that is more important than another.  

Without the tiniest of insects we would have no food or flowers, and without spiders our world would be too full of insects to breath.  This is true of everything. Every part, no matter how seemingly small is vital to the whole, made exactly as it is supposed to be.  And so are YOU.  Every bit of our lives and the world around us is sacred.
With Love,
Aine Sun
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