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Ethics & Principles
of the Divine Enchantress


“What does it mean to reclaim the feminine? It means to honor our sacred connection to life that is present in every moment. It means to realize that life is one whole and begin to recognize the interconnections that form the web of life. It means to realize that everything, every act, affects the whole. And it also means to allow life to speak to us.”


~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee



There are certain principals of the Divine & Sacred Enchantress, which I have discovered to be at the base of her powerful alchemy and her way of being.  Her principles are a product of her integrated wholeness and is what naturally happens when we align ourselves with the voice and essence of love that is forever present within.  The state that she lives in allows her the ability to connect to this voice with ease throughout her days and life.


This voice and embodiment can connect you and support you into your own individual gifts to give the world. It can allow you to be complete within so that you can go into the world with wholeness and love, rather than in lack and fear. 


Each woman’s expression is precious and divine and the connection, which is inherent within, is equally wise and special.  Connecting and expressing from the place of love within becomes a gift to the world in all of our varied offerings, coloring the world with a mysterious feminine wisdom. 


Unlike the much known shadow expression of the Enchantress, the Divine & Sacred Enchantress does not use control, force or manipulation to inspire love or grow spiritually.  It is important to be ethical about this energy, as it was never intended to create with our power for our own selves alone, without caring and respect for nature and others.  We were always made to be in harmony with nature and co-create with and for nature, not just for our own fulfillment and greed. 


Therefore, using this magic to create with surrender to the greater good for all keeps your feminine energy and gifts pure.  The Divine Enchantress trusts in the love itself that created her and allows herself to surrender deeply to the power of that love to create and experience magic in her life.  She is grateful for her feminine allure and power, but is humble and knows that we are all equal and have unique gifts to share, none of us are better than another.


The Divine & Sacred Enchantress honours that she is forever changing and flowing.  She is the connection of the whole and integrated human being, connecting her light and dark aspects as her humanity and divinity as one.  She is the loving embrace, acceptance and allowance of all that you are.  She is gentle, wild, wise and interconnected to all of life.  She is inherently mysterious and free.  She operates on a different frequency and consciousness than what is considered ‘normal’ in our western society. 


This journey will introduce a different understanding of what power, wisdom, and abundance can be when experienced through an integrated state of both masculine and feminine traits and the union of opposites within. 


You will find these concepts woven throughout the 7 Gates of Transformation, but it is essential to list them here to help you to first feel the energy of the Divine Enchantress before you enter into her precious world of Enchantment. 

  • My greatest power and peace is through a surrender to life.  I trust the love that created me. It is through this trust that I experience a magical life.

  • I am made in the image of the Goddess.  I am no greater nor less than another.  I honour the gifts I have been given and share them with the world.  I allow my light to shine as graditude for the gifts of the sacred feminine within.

  • All of life is sacred.  My wholeness consists of both Earthly & Heavenly aspects and I am whole of opposites.  Everything has its sacred purpose and is interdependent and interconnected to one another.

  • I only ever have two choices.  Love or fear.  Love connects me to my wisdom.  Love creates miracles.  Fear is the belief of seperateness.  Whichever I choose is what I will experience.

  • I am eternally becoming and I flow through the cycles of life and know it is here to support me.  I rest in a state of  embodied being and lovingly embrace myself with compassion, knowing that every stage and cycle has its sacred gifts.

  • I am love itself.  The love which created me sustains me eternally.  I give of this love, not to recieve but because that is who I am.  I honor my body and pleasure as sacred and as an expression of love itself.

  • I am the author of my own story.  I create with what life gives me, rather than try to control life.  All of the love, peace, joy, and wisdom I desire resides within me.


The concepts of the Divine & Sacred Enchantress that you can learn through the 7 Sacred Gateway Journey are incredibly simple and very grounded.  Yet, they take dedication to integrate until it becomes to feel like second nature.  To take this path, we must change the way we have seen, understood and been interacting with our world into a more feminine receptive state of inclusion which you will be learning throughout this course.


The way of the Divine Enchantress is a philosophical way of life and a spiritual practice.  It is not something to be done once and then forgotten.  It is a practice for your whole life. 


It is not a strive for perfection or an accomplishment of a goal, but rather a gentle shift into a heart-centered, authentic, compassionate and embodied way of being that is always becoming through the mystery of life.  

I welcome you with great love, dear Sister, into this beloved way of embodying life itself as the Goddess living through you.

With Love,

Aine Sun

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