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Archetypes of
the Divine Enchantress

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Archetypes live within all of us and are powerful aids in transformation. They hold hidden gifts of our feminine power. Transformation happens as we unlock each gift the archetypes provide and allow these gifts into our lives.  

​Archetypes embody patterns of experience that are common to all women of all cultures and times. Each archetype carries a particular kind of feminine energy and can have countless expressions, capabilities, and gifts.

​In Awakening the Divine Enchantress Within, we uncover specific archetypes through awareness, discussion, movement activities and dance. Uncovering the archetypes is an empowering, joyful, exhilarating experience.

In Awakening the Divine Enchantress Within, we explore seven archetypes: The Virgin Maiden, The Queen, The Mother, The Sensualist/Seductress, The Muse, The Wild Woman and the Priestess Sage.  

What is unique to the Divine Enchantress Within is that she has awoke both her spiritual (light) and earthly (dark) feminine archetypes. Often, when we embark on a journey of a spiritual healing, we integrate only the light, spiritual aspects of ourselves: love, harmony, openness, forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion. However, we are prone to forgetting that our very powerful earthly and animalistic nature is also vital to our human experience, and for transcending consciousness to become fully human.   This is extremely empowering to both yourself and for the spectrum of intimacy within your relationship. Therefore, the primal innate instincts of our bodies (desire, pleasure, emotions, instinct and intuition) are understood as equally important and offers unique gifts of vital life force energy and wisdom, especially when integrated with 'light feminine' aspects.
Without one or the other we cannot be fully complete.  The light, spiritual feminine shapes our connection to our heart whereas our dark, earthy feminine shapes our connection to our fiery, passionate power within.  It is here, in the latter, that you will discover your great power, passion and blissful zest for living.
The light needs the earth to ground it and give it life, and the dark is not sacred without the spiritual light of the feminine. Together, integrated as one, we can recreate our path back to a powerful feeling of wholeness and harmony within.

Once you have integrated these aspects, you begin to feel whole and empowered within and at the same time you become irresistible to your beloved.  On a deep level, there is no doubt that men need and crave both the spiritual and earthy aspects of the feminine, just as you need them to enrich yourself in wholeness and empowerment.  Most women allow themselves to experience and live out only aspect, often at the expense of the other. Having connection to both is natraul to humans and allows us to freely express and allow our authentic nature.
When you integrate both aspects, however, you truly become the ultimate Enchantress: your life becomes richer, more passionate, and peaceful and inevitably your relationship is rejuvenated and reinvigorated, bringing with it joy, bliss, and serenity.

The 7 Archetypes of the Divine Enchantress


The Divine Mother

The Divine Mother lives within all of us. She is our connection to all of life. She is the creative life force and the holding power of unconditional love. The inner Divine Mother is the well-spring of self love and nourishment that we can learn to tap into to help us become whole and at peace with ourselves. As we fill ourselves with the love we desire, rather than searching for it from the outside, we search less for the approval of others. This frees us and allows us to love ourselves and others truly. The Divine Mother is the one who takes care of us (our inner parent) and is eternally supportive and understanding. No matter what our relationships were in our past with our Mothers, as adults we are all responsible to mother our own selves. Having a positive, supportive, and loving inner Mother is essential to experience happiness and success in life.

The Gifts of the Divine Mother : Unconditional love, self-acceptance, body-love, self-support, and the knowledge of the true connection you have to all of life.  The Shadow


Side of the Divine Mother:  The shadow side of the mother manifests as controlling and smothering.  She ‘mothers’ those whom do not need or ask for help.  She mothers others to the point of forgetting how to take care of her own self.   

The Divine Virgin

The Virgin Maiden is the connection to your most authentic, true self. She is your inner child and the voice of your deepest emotions. The Virgin Maiden is the part of you which experiences excitement, great joy, and trusts in the beauty of life. She is completely innocent and virginal in the original meaning of the word (‘one within herself’). Therefore, the Virgin Maiden ‘is who she is because that is who she is,’ rather than for a means to control or to manipulate and this makes her truly innocent. She is spontaneous, playful, bubbly and fun. She is the part of you that wants to believe in the good of life and trusts in others. She is the part of you that allows herself to be vulnerable, to surrender to life and to a beloved. She allows her heart to be broken a million times over because she always believes and trusts in the good and she is able to keep her heart open through life which in the end allows her to experience joy and love. 

The Gifts of the Virgin Maiden: A sweet yet very powerful inner joy and excitement for life. The ability to surrender to a beloved.  The ability to keep one’s heart open to give and receive love. The wisdom in the power of vulnerability and authenticity.

The Shadow side of the Virgin Maiden:  The imbalanced virgin archetype operates only from her vulnerability to the point that she feels like and becomes a victim.  Her shadow side may also manifest as a ‘lost inner child’ without direction, wisdom, protection or self-care.
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The Divine Queen

The Divine Queen lives within all of us even if we have not given her the space to share with us her essential gifts. The Divine Queen is the part of us that has a full inner 'knowingness' that we are divine. She is fully aware that our bodies are our temples. She is our inner protectress and the guardian of our bodies and life. She will not allow anyone who does not honor her into her space or take her time away. She is fully confident in her body, regardless of whether it fits into society’s limited view of beauty, as she knows that she is made perfectly in the image of the Goddess. She accepts her unique beauty as sacred and special.

The Gifts of the Divine Queen are: The ability to have and maintain healthy boundaries, high Self-esteem, Confidence in your natural and unique beauty as a woman, and the Knowledge and ‘knowingness’ that she is divine and a connection to her higher self.

The Shadow Side of the Divine Queen:  The Queen’s shadow manifests as the ice-queen that knows her worth to such an unbalanced state to the point where she no longer needs anyone.  In this state, she is unable to achieve or desire intimacy unless the man is exactly as she wants him to be.  In a sense, she takes ‘not settling for anyone unless they are at her standard’ to the point where she never actually experiences intimacy.  Here, the queen lacks connection to her humility and expects others to fit to her high standard always.  She lacks the understanding compassion for humanity and in an extreme form may even feel that she is better than others.

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The Sacred
Wild Woman

The Sacred Wild Woman is your most wild and innate self. She is your uncivilized, raw, animalistic self. She is the part of you that is often extremely suppressed in our civilized culture and yet she holds great power. Once activated, she brings you aliveness in being. She is completely connected to nature and she feels and knows within herself that she is one with the trees, the grass, the river, the moon, and the animals. She receives her wisdom from them and has deep compassion and love for them. She is the free flow of life and emotions and she is not afraid to be exactly who she is. The Sacred Wild Woman is the part of you that can physically protect you if you or your children needed protection. She is often the most feared archetype, as she is deeply misunderstood as savage.  Yet, she holds some of the most transformational gifts to offer you. ​


The Gifts of the Sacred Wild Woman: Inner body wisdom, A true connection to nature and its wisdom, inner strength for protection, deep strength from within, and a wild passionate fire.  


The Shadow side of the Sacred Wild Woman:  She is uncontrollable and wild and unable to fit into society.  


The Divine Sensualist & Seductress

The Ancient Love Goddess not only understands pleasure as sacred, but revers it so.  She knows that pleasure is her birthright and allows it to guide her home within her body and heart.  

She understands her sensuality as the embodiment of her connection to the divine and expresses it as loving devotion for the expression of the divine within life itself.

Embodying sacred sensuality is a full embrace of the sensations of your body, the allowing of loving pleasure throughout your day, and the full embodiment and awareness of the delicious sensations around you in every moment of your life. 

Allowing ourselves to open to this sacred gift within allows us to be present in a radiantly, healthy and richness full of life force energy.  This makes our every day life experience full of love itself in the most pleasurable ways. 

The Divine Sensualist reclaims her pleasure as sacred from thousands of years of shaming our bodies and desires so that she can experience and create Heaven on Earth in her day-to-day life. 

The Divine Seductress understands her natural feminine power of magnetism integrated with surrender as a healing feminine force that she can use to create more beauty, love, and joy in the world.  She does this through her heart and body, by allowing and being the energy of enormous desire and unapologetic pleasure. She can consciously use this healing energy to restore her relationship into passionate love, devotion and connection.

Gifts of the Divine Sensualist: A deep connection to and appreciation for our bodies as divine, an awakened sensitivity to the simplest joys in life, a delicious and natural method of present mindfulness and a heightened sensual pleasure through every day living, the embodiment of Bliss. The ability to Receive simply through her way of being, Knowing her desires are sacred, Magnetizing to manifest, Accessing a deeply healing gift to the Masculine Essence.


Shadow of the Divine Sensualist: An obsession with pleasure and over consumption to the point of distraction and self-sabotage. Taking what is not hers, Seducing another against their will.


The Divine Muse

Each Love Goddess has experienced dramatic love stories that helped them break open into more expanded love and embody their humanity and divinity as one.  

We are the author and creator of our own lives and are able to rewrite our stories to create the life we want to live. We are given this opportunity every day of our lives to reclaim and rewrite the stories we repeatedly tell ourselves.

The Sacred Muse is connected to our imagination, intuition, and other sensory perceptions. It is here in this magical world that we can be visionaries and create a world of love with every storyline that life presents to us. 

Using our hearts and desires as our guide, we can embody our most potent selves as we take on the role of scribe and as the artists of our lives through the inspiration of our Sacred Muse within.

It is here that we can create a new world full of embodied love in every day of our lives.


Gifts of the Sacred Muse: Re-Creating your own story and Life, Moving away from the belief that ‘Life is happening to us’ and into ‘Life is unfolding with purpose and intension,’ Trusting your intuition, recognizing your soul's true path, observing without judgment, Imagination, Creativity, Self-awareness and heightened clairvoyance, Visionary of a better world for all.


Shadow of the Sacred Muse: Getting so passionately devoted into creating that she does not take a moment to relax into and enjoy what she has created, always in creation mode, yet never fully complete.  A victim, unable to create a new story of love, growth and enchantment. 


The Sacred
Priestess Sage

Embodying the Priestess Sage Archetype, we are able to use the integration of all of the archetypes to powerfully embody and express the full spectrum of the divine feminine herself. She embodies both the light and the dark, which balance and support one another in harmony for the allowance of the wholeness you naturally are. 

Being the embodiment of our inherent Love allows us to bless the world around us with the inner peace, wisdom, empathy, open heart, healing fire, wild instinctual wisdom and profound pleasure that is experienced through the alchemy of this open heart and embodied sensuality. It allows us full access to our feminine wisdom and healing, just by being who we naturally Are.


In our ancient times, the Sexual Priestesses of the ancient Love Goddess healed others from trauma, neurosis, and imbalance through restoring wholeness (thus healing) through love.  She embodied the healing life force energy of the Ancient Love Goddess and healed through her grace.


Her connection to her most natural gifts allowed her to be a powerful wisdom Oracle, a keeper of the mysteries, and a direct channel of divine Love.


She was sexual in nature and allowed for both her instinctual and her divine gifts to be powerfully connected as one.  Her feminine magnetism was considered a profoundly healing gift and her deep feminine wisdom allows for timeless, joyful devotion to bless your life and your relationship with a beloved for a lifetime.

Gifts of the Priestess Sage: Connection between our Divinity & Humanity, Connection of all archetypes and the whole and complete Human Being, The Bridge between our Wombs and Hearts, Inner Wisdom, Portal and Oracle


Shadow of the Priestess Sage: Being too caught up in our own ideology. Not being open to new ways of being, forgetting that we are always becoming as once we arrive, we begin again into deeper depths of becoming.

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