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Inherent Within Your Body & Heart

is a Sacred Healing Gift

This Well-Spring of Unconditional Love, Wisdom & Embodied Bliss is waiting to be Uncovered and Restored


This Sacred space contains the wisdom of a Feminine Path of

Enlightenment & Love through the Ancient Love Goddess

Aphrodite Shell.jpg
Your Body & Heart is a
Sacred Temple

The Wisdom, Nourishment & Way of the Sacred Enchantress has been suppressed, misunderstood, and hidden throughout our history


Yet we all posses this Timeless & Inherently Majestic Gift within our most preciously authentic self

Allow me to Gently Guide you back Home to this Sacred & Healing Place Within

Your Embodied Bliss,

Connection to all of Life &

Deep Feminine Radiance is a precious Gem within You

In our Ancient past, women were honoured as Empowered, Majestic, Creative and Sensual beings. We were revered for our ability to have direct access to the divine through our bodies and hearts and were considered to be the bridge between heaven and earth.  
When the Goddess was cast into the shadow of our societies and religions (and therefore our own individual psyche) over 5,000 years ago, we were shamed and suppressed within our most precious and sacred gifts and we lost connection to this sacred and connected Way of Being.

This loss has not only left us women unable to fully claim our sacred gifts and live a fully embodied life, but it has left our families, communities and world greatly imbalanced. 

Masculine traits have been valued above — rather than equal to — the unique and contrasting gifts of the feminine. In having to conform and adopt masculine conventions, we women have paid dearly, losing our ancient and privileged connection to our feminine power. This link is the key to our own happiness, to the passion within our lives and relationships, and to the unique gifts of connection that the feminine offers the world.
Embracing this state helps us not only reawaken to the joyful power within us, but it helps us to restore much needed balance and harmony in our relationships, our families and our world.  So long as our feminine traits remain subordinate to masculine traits, society will continue to put greater faith and conviction into thinking over feeling, control over connection, and technological power over compassion and cooperation.

The divine feminine is not bound to any religion or culture. Instead, she is the sacred and timeless part of your true and authentic feminine self.  


She is whom you were when you were born, before you began to believe in the limiting beliefs of who you are and what you are allowed to be.

Aine's Journey to the Ancient Love Goddess

Being a highly Spiritual person since childhood and having studied Developmental Psychology, Coaching & Various Healing Modalities, Aine Sun has the unique gifts of both a Grounded & Mystical approach to her deeply healing and transpirational Coaching Method.
Through a total surrender to spirit after the tragic death of her infant son and the soon after betrayal of her then husband, Aine's decent into the underworld of grief broke her Heart & Body open into a deep Spiritual Metamorphosis which allowed her to discover the Wisdom of the Sacred Heart & Body through the Ancient Love Goddess.  This way restored her to wholeness and profound healing within. 
Passionate about learning the ancient healing ways of the Love Goddess, Aine studied various philosophies and theories of the Divine Feminine piecing together the eloquent secrets of the inherently desirable, vibrant, wise, whole, peaceful, loving and sensual Goddesses we are all born to be.  Aine bridged this ancient way with her knowledge of Developmental Psychology, Trauma care, Life Coaching, & Inner Spiritual connection into a method which has proven to be a highly effective and healing to women, restoring our inner world & relationships into wholeness, joy & peace.

Aine now passionately shares this ancient and grounded knowledge with other women to help restore the gift of the Love Goddess on our planet one woman at a time. You can read her whole story and awakening in her book that she gifts to each client, 'The Way of the Divine Enchantress.'  

Aine Sun wants to share this way of returning to our most profoundly healing magic, sacred heart & awakened body within all of us, with every woman she can!
Aine is most known and appreciated for her soft, loving, compassionate heart, her intuitive knowing, her ability to teach deep Sensual Embodiment & her Understanding of the Ancient Love Goddess's Sacred Wisdom (shared within her book) which is profoundly healing and transformational to Women.

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Nevine, Montreal Canada

Thank you so much for a truly beautiful and healing session last night. You have a gift and are here to bless the world in incredible ways.'

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Astrid, Berlin Germany

This journey awakened so much joy and remembering of who I am as a woman - I felt so alive through reconnecting with the sensual woman in me and in opening my heart. In the end there was a feeling of totally


Deepest gratitude for you and your shining self dear Aine!
This work is profoundly healing for us women...

Thank you!'

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Barbara, Canada

I had the blessing of having a session with this beautiful light today ~ words cannot even describe what a wonderful experience. Thank you for your beautiful light and kindness and energy. What you share  is the truth I have known for longer than you've been on this earth. It is a truth that women deserve to remember.  Thank you for your strength to bring the teachings out. Blessings to you you Aine Sun.'

Aine Sun is Coach, Intuitive Healer, & Teacher who holds a deep connection and reverence for the Ancient Love Goddess.

She holds a BA with Honors in Child Developmental Psychology, is a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified Trauma Care Specialist, is a trained facilitator of Coming of Age Circles for Girls, an educated Forest School teacher, a trained Angel Therapist & a Certified Sensual Dance Instructor.

Aine has been joyfully devoted to transforming women’s lives through the wisdom of the Ancient Love Goddess for over a decade.  She is passionately devoted to all things of Love, Spirituality, Nature, the Divine Feminine and bridging our humanity and divinity as one.

Aine Sun.jpg
Dearest lovely Aine, I celebrate you for your beautiful ability to hold compassionate, loving space, just as a mother would do for her child.
Thank you for the simple way you so effortlessly and lovingly hold my heart with warm tenderness. I honor you.
You have such an incredible gift, I am grateful to receive."

Natasha, North Carolina, USA

Restore this Sacred Gift within Your
Body  &  Heart  &  Dramatically Transform your Life


The Ancient
Love Goddess's
7 Sacred Gateways
of Transformation

The 7 Sacred Gateways of Transformation

Through the Ancient Love Goddess’s 7 Sacred Gateways Gateways, connect to the wholeness of the Divine Feminine Archetypes of the Love Goddess within you.  Gently and compassionately strip away layers of conditioning which hold you back from embodying your fully alive and radiant loving embodiment of this precious gift within you. Return to wholeness within and heal your inner world and your relationship with this sacred way of being. Learn the tried and true primordial wisdom of the Ancient Love Goddess to embody your inherently enchanting radiance. 


Heart Centred

Heart Centred Coaching


Connecting to your heart and body you are able to feel, touch and listen to the profound inner wisdom of the Sacred Heart within you. No one will ever know what is best for you than this inner higher wisdom within you. Instead of telling you what to do, Aine Sun uses Heart Centred Coaching to mentor you to connect with this natural wisdom of your heart & body so that you can reconnect to the wisdom of each topic which comes up for you through this Sacred Journey. Feel held in a nourishing container of non-judgemental compassionate listening, as Aine holds space for your process to unfold naturally as she gently guides you to your soul’s knowing through the session. Learning this practice will allow you to access this profoundly sacred energy within you throughout your life.



Sacred Feminine Movement

Sacred Feminine Movement


Sacred Feminine Movement is a natural gateway into opening your body to its healing sensual embodiment.  It is here where we awaken our inner, passionate fire for life. It opens a new way of being and feeling that resonates with our body’s sensual wisdom; it is a gateway to our mysterious, forgotten feminine core. Sacred Feminine Movement is a powerful doorway to embodying and awakening the natural sensuality that is intrinsic to you. It easily connects you to your feminine radiance, deepest bliss, and embodied sacred heart. It allows you to connect beyond yourself and to connect to all of life through your wholeness. This practice is included in the 7 Sacred Gateway Journey.


A Spiritual Path of a Path of Love & Enlightenment through the Ancient Love Goddess

A Spiritual Path of Love & Enlightenment through the Ancient Love Goddess


Through the lens of the Ancient Love Goddess, enlightenment is not for a few select people, nor is it about disowning your humanity. Rather, it is an integration of your humanity and divinity as one. It is through the heart and body, rather than a separation from it and an ongoing journey of ever becoming embodied Love. Rather than a goal to be achieved, this is a practice for heart opening and heart-centred embodiment. Grounded in our every day life, as we connect ourselves further with our hearts, we become centred in our humanity and embody change within our personal world and the world around us. 


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